Ein Portrait der Forscherin Monica Capogiri


Forschungsgebiet: Translational Pediatric Brain Tumor Research, drug resistance, causes of treatment failure, impact of BRAF-inhibitors on kinome activity
Akademischer Werdegang

Monica graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Turin, in April 2019. For her master thesis, she joined the group of Prof. Jaehde at the University of Bonn, where she improved her skills and knowledge in in vitro pharmacology. In October 2019 she joined Prof. Giancotti’s Lab at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston (TX), as a research assistant. Here she focused on intracellular pathways involved in prostate cancer. Since 2021, Monica is a Ph.D. student in the lab of Prof. Guerreiro Stücklin. She investigates the molecular causes of treatment failure in pediatric high- and low-grade glioma harboring BRAF V600E mutations. She strives to use those insights to validate new drug combinations to improve treatment response.