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Pediatric Rehab Research Group

Die Forschungsgruppe ​ist besetzt mit Fachleuten aus Bewegungs- und Neurowissenschaften, Biologie, Physiotherapie, Pflegewissenschaften, Neuropsychologie und Ingenieurswesen.



16.11.2016: Anna Müller Grocholski Awards sacd.png

On the occasion of the annual symposium of the Swiss Academy of Childhood Diseases, the Anna Müller Grocholski Prizes were awarded. We are extremely proud to inform that members of our team won both first prizes and one second prize. The first prizes went to Corinne Ammann ("Assessment of Gait Performance in Children with neuromotor disorders" by Corinne Ammann and Huub van Hedel) and Maria Ambühl ("Physical activity of children and adolescents during therapies" by Maria Ambühl, Huub van Hedel and Rob Labruyère). The awards come with a purse of CHF 2500.- and additionally, the expenses for the attendance of next year's European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) in Amsterdam are covered. The second place went to Sandra Ricklin ("A whiff of magic during robot-assisted gait training" by Sandra Ricklin and Huub van Hedel).


09.09.2016: PRRG turns 10!

This year, our research group turns 10 years old. The group was founded by Dr. Andreas Meyer-Heim in 2006 with the focus on Lokomat-based research and has since then massively grown, employee-wise as well as in its research scope. By now, the group consists of 20 people from a broad educational spectrum and research is mainly being done on three subjects: Outcome, interventions and mechanisms. We have 10 technology-assisted devices, have published around 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, use around 2500GB of hard disk storage and are highly intertwined in the clinical routine. We thank our funding bodies and the Rehabilitation Center for giving us the opportunity to build such a strong basis for future research!


18.06.2016: Forschungspreis physioswiss

Every two years, physioswiss, the Swiss Physiotherapy Association, awards the research prize for scientific achievements in the field of national physiotherapy, which comes with a prize money of CHF 5000.-.
In June 2016, the prize was awarded to Corinne Ammann-Reiffer at the national congress in Basel for the paper "Measurement properties of gait-related outcomes in youth with neuromuscular diagnoses: a systematic review", authored by Corinne Ammann-Reiffer, Caroline Bastiaenen, Rob de Bie and Huub van Hedel.


13.06.2016: Successful PhD defense

Corinna Gerber successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Upper limb assessment and training in neuropediatric patients: Towards computer-based therapy at home". We are proud to announce that Corinna is the first who has finished her PhD completely within the PRRG.


25.01.2016: Successful PhD defense

Anne-Laure Mouthon successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Brain plasticity and sleep in the course of development and after acquired brain injury". We are happy that she stays with us and hope to profit from her extensive EEG-knowledge as long as possible.