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Pediatric Rehab Research Group

Die Forschungsgruppe ​ist besetzt mit Fachleuten aus Bewegungs- und Neurowissenschaften, Biologie, Physiotherapie, Pflegewissenschaften, Neuropsychologie und Ingenieurswesen.



​​​15.12.2010: Congratulations to Dr. Huub van Hedel, head of the PRRG, who won the Susanne Klein-Vogelbach Special Award 20​10

SKV_Preis.jpg​The "Susanne Klein-Vogelbach-Prize for the Research of Human Movement" is awarded to researchers in neuroscience, orthop​​edics and anatomy whose work is oriented to a better understanding of the underlying principles of human movement and its rehabilitation. The Special Award is intended for research from the field of physical therapy and has been awarded only once before, in 2004. Dr. van Hedel received the Special Award 2010 for the paper “Ankle motor skill is intact in spinal cord injury, unlike stroke: Implications for rehabilitation”, which was published this year in Neurology (2010;74:1271–1278) by H. van Hedel, B. Wirth and A. Curt.
In addition, it is with great pleasure that we would like to congratulate our RITZ colleague Prof. Andreas Luft (University Hospital Zurich), who won the original Susanne Klein-Vogelbach Prize 2010. ​

29.10.2010: Congratulations to Karin Wick and Angela Spack for winning the 2nd poster award at the SAR-Congress 2010 in Basel, Switzerland​

​At this year’s annual meeting of the “Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation” the poster entitled “Virtual reality based Paediatric Interactive Therapy System (PITS) for neurorehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy: a clinical evaluation” was awarded with the 2nd poster prize. We congratulate Karin Wick of the Pediatric Rehab Research Group (PRRG) and Angela Spack of the Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport (ETH) with this commendation and acknowledge our cooperating partners of the Institute of Neuroinformatics and the Institute of Neuropsychology.​​


16.10.2010: Gabarello wins at the European Innovative Games Award EIGA

News_Award.jpgGabarello – Game Based Rehabilitation for Lokomat® was developed in cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Department Game Design, the Sensory Motor Systems Lab (ETH Zurich), the Neuropsychology of the University Zurich and the Rehabilitation Center Affoltern a. A. and won the Advancement Price at the European Innovative Games Award EIGA in the category “Innovative Application Methods & Environments”.

​01.10.2010: Congratulations to Dr. Andreas Meyer-Heim and thanks to Dr. Knecht!​

Dr. Andreas Meyer-Heim, the founder of the Pediatric Rehab Research Group (PRRG), became at October 1st 2010 the Head of the Division of Paediatric Rehabilitation and the Rehabilitation Centre Affoltern am Albis of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich. We congratulate Dr. Meyer-Heim and wish him a good start in his new position. We are very grateful that we can further rely on his valuable input, scientific contributions and continuous support for our research group. Furthermore, we thank Dr. Beat Knecht, who headed the Rehabilitation Centre for many years, for his long-term support for the PRRG. We are grateful that Dr. Knecht will remain affiliated to the Rehab Centre as Honorary Consultant and look forward to receive his important clinical input for our rehabilitation related scientific work.

​16.8.2010: New upper extremity robot for children with neurological disorders

The Kiwani Club Zurich hands over the first pediatric ARMEO in the world to the Rehabilitation Centre Affoltern am Albis. This robotic device will be used to train the upper extremity function of children with neurological disorders.  ​​