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The University Children’s Hospital is an independent institution with a 150-year history of successful pediatric research and an official teaching and research mandate from the University of Zurich. As the largest academic pediatric hospital in Switzerland, we are working tirelessly to translate today’s pediatric research into tomorrow’s standard of care.

Autologous skin transplantation - Tissue Biology Research Unit (TBRU)


The Tissue Biology Research Unit (TBRU) is the research department of the Surgical Clinic at the University Children's Hospital Zurich.

In close cooperation with the Pediatric Burn Center at the University Children's Hospital Zurich, the team led by cell biologist Prof. Dr. Ernst Reichmann has been working on a novel skin replacement that eliminates the disadvantages of today's treatment methods since 2001. In the meantime, the work has become a clinical research priority program (CRPP) of the University of Zurich and has expanded to Europe (international research project "Euro-SkinGraft").

The Zurich researchers have succeeded in cultivating a complex human skin from the body's own cells, consisting of epidermis and subcutis and comprising self-renewing stem cells, blood vessels, and pigment cells.


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