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Shaping the future of pediatric medicine

The University Children’s Hospital is an independent institution with a 150-year history of successful pediatric research and an official teaching and research mandate from the University of Zurich. As the largest academic pediatric hospital in Switzerland, we are working tirelessly to translate today’s pediatric research into tomorrow’s standard of care.

Center for Sleep Medicine


At the "Center for Interdisciplinary Sleep Research"  and within the framework of the clinical research priority program "Sleep and Health", which has existed since 2012, researchers from the University Children's Hospital Zurich work closely with various partner institutions.


Zurich sleep research has a long tradition. About 30 years ago, the model of sleep regulation still in use today was developed in Zurich. The model shows that the interaction between the need for sleep and the inner clock is of central importance for people's performance and well-being. However, experts do not yet understand the mechanisms underlying sleep regulation. Accordingly, the treatment of sleep disorders still depends on the symptoms and not on the causes. If the treatment is to be better and more targeted, researchers must better understand the physical functions and their changes in sleep disorders.


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