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Shaping the future of pediatric medicine

The University Children’s Hospital is an independent institution with a 150-year history of successful pediatric research and an official teaching and research mandate from the University of Zurich. As the largest academic pediatric hospital in Switzerland, we are working tirelessly to translate today’s pediatric research into tomorrow’s standard of care.




The Division of Oncology is a competence center that covers the entire spectrum of pediatric oncology. Research focuses on translational research activities in the fields of sarcoma, leukemia, and neurooncological diseases. We are investigating new diagnostic markers in cancers and analyzing their signalling pathways in order to specifically induce tumor cell destruction using new substances.


We are involved in numerous international clinical studies on cancer in children and lead the national study coordination for leukemia and brain tumor studies. Our oncology laboratory is the reference laboratory for oncogenetic and molecular genetic diagnostics in numerous pediatric and adult national and international therapy studies.


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