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Shaping the future of pediatric medicine

The University Children’s Hospital is an independent institution with a 150-year history of successful pediatric research and an official teaching and research mandate from the University of Zurich. As the largest academic pediatric hospital in Switzerland, we are working tirelessly to translate today’s pediatric research into tomorrow’s standard of care.

Intensive Care Medicine & Neonatology


 In our intensive care units, we care for approx. 1000 general paediatric and
surgical patients and approx. 500 cardiological-cardiosurgical patients. These include newborns and children who need follow-up care after major operations, but also patients with respiratory disorders, severe infections, disorders of the central nervous system, metabolic disorders, or after severe accidents/burns/poisoning. In addition, our Intermediate Care (IMC) ward usually looks after chronically ill children with tracheal cannulae, muscle diseases, or multiple disabilities. Approximately 500 patients are treated on the neonatology ward every year. These are newborns who no longer need to be treated in the intensive care unit, such as newborns with mild respiratory disorders, metabolic disorders, jaundice, premature babies and newborns with congenital malformations.


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